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Pet Camera - 8 Infrared LEDs - White

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  • This Wi-Fi camera captures Super HD videos in the resolution of 2304 x 1296 (3 megapixels), and with 8 infrared LEDs that can see up to 40ft in the dark.
  • Motion-triggered recordings can be uploaded to the free Reolink cloud. Motion clips can be also saved to a micro SD card (up to 64GB). 24/7 monitoring when connected with Reolink NVR.
  • Plug it in. Connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Up and running in minutes. Rotate 355 horizontally and 50 vertically. See every corner of your home with easy pan and tilt control on the Reolink app or client.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Strickland
Great Camera and Great Value

I have had a Reolink solar powered camera for a while to watch for "critters" under my deck that would try to tunnel under my sun room. I could catch them before they did any damage and the built in siren feature seemed to irritate most raccoons, opossums, and groundhogs and they would just turn and walk away. Not so much afraid but just irritated.I decided to take an extended trip to a beach house and needed some sort of "do it yourself" security. I could hide a few valuables but if somebody came in for an extended time they probably could find and take anything they wanted. Things can be replaced but while traveling loosing a computer or other items would be very inconvenient. Knowing how the Reolink devices worked I looked and found this camera. After comparing with others for features and price I decided this camera seemed like a good solution.If you need it you can even use the remote Pan and Tilt option to look around if the wide angle view is not sufficient.I have been VERY pleased with the performance of the camera and the iPhone app. The camera has a built in siren or custom audio and push notification to the phone. When I leave the house I set the push notification and siren on and if somebody enters the property it will alert me within a few seconds and start the siren. With the cloud option (free for one camera or paid for more) the video triggered by motion will be captured even if somebody tries to disable the camera. Beyond the cloud option the camera will also capture videos to an SD card.I had a question about setting the options to turn on the features I wanted when I left the house and wondered if iPhone shortcuts could activate any options. It was a few touches to find the options and turn them on or off. I could not figure it out if Shortcuts could help so I asked Reolink with a support ticket. In a couple of hours I got a reply and said that Shortcuts would not work but there was a feature called Scenes that could help. Sure enough I created two scenes, one to arm the camera motion sensor and siren and one to disarm then. I replied with a thank you and suggested that maybe an iPhone shortcut could be used to activate a scene and again in a couple of hours they replied and said they would pass on the suggestion to their development group for consideration. You could not ask for more. Their support was VERY knowledgeable and quick and went beyond just a simple answer.If you are looking for a reliable camera with a very useful assortment of features at an excellent price you should consider Reolink products.

Lee Payne
Great camera for the price!

This camera met all of my needs except for one. It doesn't have the cruise feature where the camera scans a certain area to cover more area. The 2 way intercom works great, the motion sensor triggers regardless of lighting and picture quality looks great on my phone and on my TV with a Chromecast attached. Responds to my Google Home speaker also.

Great security camera and simple to use

This is a great wireless security camera. I’m not sure how the motion detection works yet but I don’t really want to use that part. But the picture quality is great and it was so easy to set up. Very happy with this purchase. Even though it says not to use it through windows, that’s how I use it and it works fine! I like to just look outside my house to check the weather when I’m not home and for this reason it works just great!

beyond worth the money!

So worth the money. I have security cameras through my home security system but needed more and they were too expensive (think over $100), I got these to try them out and I’m blown away. So much range of motion and clear picture. First one was super easy to set up second one didnt go as smoothly but once I got it up and running zero problems. Reconnected quickly if you lose power and night mode works super well.

Exceeded expectations! Highly recommend!

Absolute best Xmas gift I bought this year!! I was searching for a medium priced camera so my daughter could spy on her cat when she wasn’t at home! This little camera definitely exceeded my expectations. It was very quick and easy to set up. We had to spend the day at relatives house and my daughter spent the whole day spying on her cat at home! She was able to talk to the cat and rotate the camera to look around for her. It has the capability to record, take pics, or just watch live stream. I am beyond Impressed with the picture and sound quality.