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Automatic Pet Feeder - 4L - Black With See Through Top

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    • Schedule Meal Times: Scheduling meals develops good behavior and eating habits. You can set 1-5 meals per day and up to 40-portions of dry food per meal depending on your pet's needs. The programming is user-friendly and only needs to be set up once.
    • Capacity & Quality Material: 4L is suitable for small to medium size pets and multi-pet families. This pet feeder is made of easy-to-clean food-grade materials. In addition, a vet-recommended stainless steel bowl is included in the set.
    • Ensures Freshness: The automatic food dispenser contains 2-desiccant bags and a secure twist-lock lid that not only keeps the food fresh but also prevents your pet from accessing stored food.
    • Dual Power Supply: Power supply or batteries (3x D) are used. We recommend using the two together in case of power outages. The feeder runs with a memory function, so there is no need to reset the feeding schedule if power is lost.
    • Record Customizable Messages:  Record up to 30-seconds of personalized audio to call your pets to eat. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Wish I got one years ago

    I love it. If I knew this product was out there I would have purchased one years ago. I like the color that matches my kitchen decor. I like how it plugs in using electricity but has a battery back-up as well fir when there is a power outage on I need to move it. Programming was easy and simple to set up. My cat jumps and runs to it the second she hears it begin to dispense each portion. The only drawback is I wish it had the option of 6 feedings instead of 5. My cat requires more small feedings.

    Keeps them on a schedule

    The kitties and I love our new Veken Automatic Pet Feeder. It keeps the food bowl filled with the correct amount dispensed throughout the day. I was able to record a message in my own voice calling the kitties to eat. My littlest one perks up when she hears the recording and comes to watch the food drop into the bowl. With this I can leave for the day and not worry about them having food. Some cats will eat all the food at one time leaving nothing for later. With the Veken Automatic Feeder, they only get measured portions dispensed at their regular feeding times. It has an extra-long cord & battery backup making it easy to choose a convenient place to set. There are several online YouTube videos that made setup easy.I recommend this product to anyone who wants to make sure their pet is fed on time even if not there to do it.

    Perfect auto-feeder

    I love this device. I purchased it because I was having trouble with how much to feed my cat in order to help her lose weight.It's easy to use once you get used to the buttons.You can program up to 5 meal times a day at your desired times. Each "feed" size is measured in 5-gram servings.Any good cat food brand should give you an estimate of how many total grams of food a cat needs per day.Example of how I programmed my servings:My cat's ideal weight is 10 lbs.She is eating science diet weight management. Their website says she should be eating 60 grams per day to reach her ideal weight of 10 lbs.I want to feed her twice a day so each feeding should be 30 grams.Therefore I set the feeder to dispense 6 servings each at 8am and 8pm.

    Zero issues one month in

    It's been straightforward to setup, refill, and adjust portion sizes. The power + battery combo are a great idea, allowing easy relocation of it without having to reset the time. The portion increments are small enough to allow for semi-precise food vending to match the arbitrary scoop I used previously.It's easy to see through the food reserve container to tell when you need to refill and getting the lid on/off is easy while still feeling fairly secure.It comes with a cord protector band to wrap around the usb cord but is only half the length of the cloud so it just feels a little silly. Given it's USB, it should be easy to replace anyway so I'd recommend they save cost and not include it in the first place.

    Awesome pet feeder!!!!

    This is a really awesome pet feeder for small-meduum size pets. It was very easy to assemble. Easy to program. You can put 3 D batteries in it or use the cord which is usb cord. If you loose power it automatically stores the settings you set. You can set the settings 1-5 feedings a day. This is a great feature especially if you have a pet that eats all their food at once, and you want them to eat smaller portions throughout the day. It's great for those that have to work all day, their pet can eat meals without you being there. I wouldn't use large dogfood chunks. It takes the smaller size kibbles. It has removable stainless steel bowl,easy to clean.It even has a protective cord to go over the usb cord in case you are feeding a puppy or kitten that might chew the cord. Best part is you can take this camping because it can run off batteries for up to 3 months. Great product!!! Well worth the money!