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Orthopedic Dog Bed - L/XL - White

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    • Luxurious & Innovative Design: This bed was designed to provide our furry friends with the ultimate place to rest while blending seamlessly into homes with its modern and attractive design.
    • Orthopedic Memory Foam: Filled with pressure-relieving memory foam that minimizes joint pain and improves a pets health and mobility. The memory foam is also conveniently protected with a water-resistant liner that acts as the first line of defense against accidents.
    • Overall Superior Comfort: Made of a premium memory foam base and ultra-soft faux fur cover. The bed is also made accessible for elderly and disabled pets.
    • Easy To Clean: The faux fur cover is removable and washable. Wash the faux fur cover in cold water on the gentle cycle and hang to dry. If necessary, tumble dry on low heat.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    C. Collins
    Buy it!!! Your dog deserves it, YOU deserve it

    If I could give this more stars than 5, I would.It comes packed really good. The pillow inset is VERY easy to put on, and off. The fur is amazingly soft, and when you step on it, your foot sinks down into pure heaven. But the best part of all is, I took the cover off, zipped it up, and threw it in the washer. It came out, and there was ZERO hair (fur) in the washer. I then put it in a 30 Delicate heat cycle in the dryer. It came out soft, fluffier than BRAND NEW. And, again ZERO fur in the dryer OR the lintel trap. I am, stunned and I have never felt so strongly as to write a review!!! I bought the Large/Extra Large Curved White bed.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE This!!! Worth The Money!

    I have had my eyes on these from the IG ads for months, but couldn't wrap my mind around spending that much on a dog bed when we normally spend $40 or less on one at TJ Maxx to use for a year, then toss when it becomes to filthy. When THIS bed arrived though, I was very impressed. The packaging is very well done, with liners-inside-of-liners. The extra lining leads me to believe it will last for a while. We have not had long enough to comment on the matting that some others have experienced. I love the look of it so much, I have been contemplating tossing out all of our old dog beds and buying another one for a different floor of our home.


    My dog loves his new bed!! I haven’t had any issues with mine shedding. The only issue I’ve had is getting my cat off of it so the poor dog can use it lol. Definitely recommend this, it blends into the room like a cute throw rug. Love it!

    Buy it!

    The only way I could love this bed more is if it were cheaper. This is the only bed my dogs haven’t torn up. It’s as if they love it so much, they respect it! I have a 77 pound lab and a 6 pound poodle who both fit very comfortably on the large size (50x30). This bed looks like it belongs in front of my fireplace in a way a regular dog bed never could.I haven’t had any issues with fluff shedding off it, and I like that the memory foam has its own cover.You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

    Cute, classy and comfy!!

    If you’re looking for a dog bed that’s both cushy and fashionable, this is your solution right here!! It’s the perfect balance between support (nice, decently thick memory foam) and fit with most decor without looking like such a blatant dog bed. Comes off as a very plush rug; you don’t feel bad about stepping on it if it’s blocking a pathway (in my case, in front of the tv in the living room). This is a great bed for a main living area (where guests would be present) in a small space. Such as really small homes or apartments. Highly recommended! I think it’s fabulous!