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Dog Anxiety Jacket - Large - Fuchsia

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  • This anxiety vest can relieve a dog's anxiety during the thunder, fireworks, travel, and other anxiety.
  • This vest feels like a hug. Ease your dog's anxiety and fears by pressure applying methodology providing a calming effect for dogs.
  • Made with lightweight, breathable, machine-washable fabric, drug-free, and comfortable for your dog.
  • Very easy to put on and take off with the zipper design. This vest fits different medium size dogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Saved my sanity...

My rescue was a mess. He suffers with SEVERE seperation anxiety. He has busted through windows and doors...you name it, he broke it. I tried everything...crying, medicines, vet trips, training, more crying. THIS SHIRT WORKS. It was my last ditch effort...I was out of ideas and I never dreamed it would work. He still paces some and struggles with us leaving but he has improved 180% since we purchased this. Try this first and remember, they only act out because they love you. It will get better. Be patient and BUY THIS.

Highly Recommended!

Great quality and fast shipping. Put it on my dog and she seemed to calm done almost instantly. I'm glad I decided to invest in her. It has helped with her fear and anxiety when thunder or storms are near. Love it!

Just got it for my sisters dog

We had our first one for our rescue dog and it made a world of difference for her. Ordered the same one for my sisters dog when we found out she had storm anxiety and she loves it so far....true test will be the storms this week

Angela Daly
Incredibly Grateful for this product

I read a lot of reviews before buying and saw for some people it worked and for some it didn’t work well. If you’re like me and you’ve seen how scared your dog gets, you’ll try anything. Lyla is extremely scared of thunderstorms - so summers in Florida are her Shining. Even if it didn’t work, we decided to buy it. We were desperate to help her.Oh my god. It worked! Normally during a thunderstorm she pants and shudders the entire time. After wearing it just two times she can now calmly relax. All the photos above are her during a thunderstorm. She actually slept through one. The other she was calm enough to cross her little paws!It’s helped her even when she isn’t wearing her thunder shirt. Last night I was woken up by bad thunder & lightning. I was expecting to have to go put her thunder shirt on. She woke up from me getting up and she was actually wagging her tail. So while I’m still putting it on her this morning, I’m amazed at how well this worked for my little girl. She still wants to be this close to me during the storm (3rd pic) but she’s not panting or shuddering.We did put it on her before a thunderstorm which I highly recommend. We gave her all the love and the cuddles and the treats. She actually wags her tail when I’m about to put it on her now, despite the surrounding thunder.If it works for your dog, my god it’s worth it!

Use this everyday!

I have a dog that has random bouts of separation anxiety if in the crate over 3 hours (NOTE: she's old enough to be in the crate longer than 3 hours and I tried NOT leaving her in the crate and she doensn't like being outside the crate either, so it's a mystery to figure out). Anyway, she wears this thundershirt whenever she goes into the crate sprayed with calming pheremones on the black circle and she's doing better. Not sure if it's the pheremone spray, rescue remedy, or the thundershirt, but she wears the thundershirt everytime she's in the crate and it's working, so I'm sticking with it.