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Dog Anxiety Vest - XX-Large - Camouflage

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  • This anxiety vest can relieve a dog's anxiety during the thunder, fireworks, travel, and other anxiety.
  • This vest feels like a hug. Ease your dog's anxiety and fears by pressure applying methodology providing a calming effect for dogs.
  • Made with lightweight, breathable, machine-washable fabric, drug-free, and comfortable for your dog.
  • Very easy to put on and take off with the zipper design. This vest fits XX-large size dogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alicia B
They love it ��

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. They loved it. My lab not so much, but this two enjoy having it on them. I first bought this thundershirt some years ago for my cocker who was afraid if fireworks and qhen he passed away i decides to try on my birder collie (for no reason because he isnt afraid of them, but he is a little bit nervous) and surprise ! HE LOVES IT! He starts jumoing and seems so much relaxed with it on. Oh and it did helped my cocker with the foreworks problem too. Definitely worth the price �♥️

Stylish and Beautiful design!

Love the style - beautiful design on the dog. People have commented on the Jacket when he walks in the park. It has plenty of velcro and it is strong to stay on the dog. Smokey - our 74 lb. Rescue Staffordshire Terrier - can be difficult when you are trying to put on his harness but he doesn't seem to mind this shirt. The pattern we selected looks beautiful against his smokey colored fur. We are happy we ordered this shirt. Smokey wore it 3 times since we got it. Can not say it is controlling his panic attacks when he rides but think that may take a while. The shirt arrived several days EARLY so I was very surprised. It was professionally packaged and I was pleased with the service. Just waiting to see if it makes a difference in Smokey - even a few degrees reducing his panic in the car will be so helpful. It is well worth a try.

Thunder Shirt Really Works!

We purchased the thunder shirt in hopes of helping my dog through his anxiety of our almost daily, summer thunderstorms. He would begin to shake and shiver long before we knew a storm was upon us and continued shaking and trying to hide until it was over. The shirt arrived and from day one his shaking has stopped. He still alerts us that a storm is at hand and we quickly put in the shirt. He still stays close, but no more uncontrollable shakes and anxiety. We were pleasantly surprised! We really didn’t think it would work! We highly recommend it!

Ferrari Paola
I was amazed and relieved

I have to admit, I was skeptical. I have seen ThunderShirts on pets before, and for one reason or another it never quite seemed to work on them. But I was going to travel to Italy - a 12 hour flight - with my dog in my lap in the cabin, and anything at all that could've helped him calm down during take off and landing, and the different noises/smells/people, was worth trying. I purchased a ThunderShirt size M for a 28lb dachshund/terrier mix, and the calming effect after I put it on him was almost instant. It leads me to believe that my friends probably bought a size too big for their pets and applied it like a regular shirt, instead of the tight-swaddle-like way it's supposed to be. While it didn't alter his personality (he would still bark at the doorbell and greet people with enthusiasm), he would snooze or sit by my feet or in my lap without shaking or whimpering or reaching for a toy. I was amazed and relieved. It also helped him relax on the plane, although I enlisted the help of some veterinary-prescribed mellowing agent.I wouldn't rely solely on ThunderShirt Jackets for stressful events like trips to the vet or loud fireworks - especially for rescue dogs such as mine, who fight through even the most powerful sedatives if their anxiety kicks in (something we found out before a dental cleaning), but it definitely works wonders and it's a fantastic addition to your doggie-resource pack.

Works Miracles on Anxiety Ridden Dogs

I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so after seeing how effective this shirt has been on our dog. We have a 30 lb. rescue who's about 6 years old. She's the sweetest girl, and very "dog like" with my husband and I. However, whenever there's company (regardless of how many times she's met them before), she freezes up, gets tense, and hides out in a comfortable area. We've been told by others that have rescues that "it'll pass"...but 5 years later, and she's still the same way. There's some sort of trust issue there with "outsiders". It's tough, because she's a beautiful dog, and everyone wants to pet her and play with her...but her nature is to duck out of the way in fear. Long story short, we thought we'd give the thundershirt a try. I really didn't have any expectations considering her level of anxiety. We brought her to my aunts house for Christmas where there were 17 people (5 of which were kids under 9). She was a new dog. She was walking up to people, letting them pet her, and tail up the entire time. Everyone was commenting on how social she was, and how tolerant she was of the 5 kids who were completely smothering her with love! I will be using this for all future social gatherings. I don't want my dog feeling anxiety, and this shirt clearly brought her significant comfort. Below are some pictures of her with family members who have been trying to earn her trust for years!