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Pet Carrier Backpack - 17lbs - White

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  • Take Your Cat Out to See the World: We designed this pet carrier backpack with a generous window so your pet can enjoy the scenery. The tinted window keeps out harsh light, providing a calming place for your pet to travel in comfort.
  • Easy and Breezy: With mesh panels and multiple ventilation holes, plus our clever Coanda Effect ventilation system, your pet will enjoy great air circulation on the go. The quiet, built-in fan provides fresh airflow for your precious cat (or small dog) to keep the temperature inside comfortable. 
  • Light The Night For Your Pet: No fumbling for a switch in the dark. A simple double-tap of the controls will gently and gradually illuminate the interior so it does not startle your resting kitty, allowing your pet to see its surroundings and allowing you to peek in on your pet.
  • Eye-Catching & Lightweight: The entire backpack is about 3 lbs. It measures 13" L x 12" W x 18" H (Airline Approved- generally acceptable for use, please do consult your airline before traveling). Suggested for: 0-17lbs pets. A detachable pad allows a pet to wad back and sit inside. 

Customer Reviews

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My cat loves it and everyone who sees itask about it

Roxy Schwab
Great product

I use this for my ferrets. I love it and they love it too. You need a power pack that is sold separately for the fan and light. Once I figured that out it was easy to use. I love have it buckles in the car seatbelt. I recommend this for smaller dogs, cats and ferrets.

Tara Oakes
A very sturdy pet backpack!

This carrier is much more sturdy that other carriers I’ve looked at. The fan is amazing to assist with good ventilation for your pet. If found the cushioned straps to be very comfortable and sturdy.

Elysia Jean
Couldn’t be better and fantastic design

So amazing!! I had some treats in hand and my cat climbed in and went for a ride like it was nothing! It’s a perfect size for larger cats for sure!

Quality and Comfort

High quality. Comfortable for pet and person. Plenty of room for our largest rabbit. Nice ventilation despite paltry fan output. We love this product overall and highly recommend it.