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Pet Stroller - 30lbs - Emerald

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  • Easy-locking and a NO-ZIP entry and one-hand quick-fold mechanism (sets up easily, no tools required).
  • Panoramic view window and a three-position canopy with mesh ventilation.
  • Equipped with a cup holder/parent tray, storage basket, removable washable liner, and interior tether.
  • Durable 600-Denier water-resistant material.
  • Front shock absorbers and back wheel brakes.
  • Stroller height to handle 40".
  • Interior Dimensions: 24"L x 11"W x 22"H and is suitable for pets up to 30-pounds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Many more pros than cons! A worthy buy! I bought two!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is a great pet stroller for the price. (See my video review.) I had a much more expensive stroller, also from Pet Gear, with rubber tires, and that was the only benefit of that one. A slightly smoother ride, however, the front wheel died on me over time. That can’t happen here. I couldn’t afford two of those other strollers and wanted to take them out together with my family, so I searched for a great, budget-friendly model, and I’m not displeased. I used to walk them one at a time. This is much better now.PROS:Rear tire breaksZipper free entryLots of viewing spaceWindow in backSeems study and well-made, thus farEasy latch system to close and keep pets securely inside.Storage basket underneathRemovable tray for holding 2 cups, your keys, phone etc.Considering the plastic wheels, it rides fairly smooth on our bumpy sidewalks.Budget-friendly priceNo more flat tiresFoldable for putting in your trunkCons:Plastic wheels.Not AS smooth as rubber, but it’s much less expensive. I feel this is worth its price.Does NOT come with any soft pad.You must purchase it separately at $23.95 a piece. (At least when I bought my two strollers here.. that was the current price.)Other than that, it’s a great way to get exercise for us humans, and bring happiness to your precious cats or small dogs! My kitties just LOVE them! (See photos.) my cat literally climbed on top because it wasn’t open. He said, ‘ride NOW!’ :) ha!I definitely WOULD recommend this stroller to those who are looking for quality on a budget!

My cat is obsessed with this stroller!

I initially bought this stroller for my dachshund who can no longer go on long walks due to his back. Once it arrived my cat hopped in and wouldn’t stop meowing. He often gets in the stroller and won’t stop begging to go for a walk. When I have to stay close to the house, I take him out on the patio to chill while I work.Both my dog and cat love long walks in the stroller and I can never take one without the other. Now that I’ve had it for several weeks, and the honeymoon phase is over, I can still say that I love it. My one complaint is the wheels. If a driveway has a little ridge or a crack is too big on the sidewalk the stroller abruptly stops—it is almost like hitting a wall and has led to a few unpleasant experiences for my critters. Also, the wheels don’t always cooperate and it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m trying to exit the house. I’ve learned to turn around and take the stroller in, or out, backwards. Regardless, I would make the purchase again. The price was right and I can fit two of my furbabies in the stroller together. Both of them absolutely love it and my cat always wants to go for a walk!

Despite it being light it also seems to be quite sturdy.

I have a medical alert dog. She is a small dog and she alerts me for a medical condition that I have. The problem is because she is small, people don’t see her and she has been accidentally stepped on and kicked when walking in crowds. I end up having to carry her which is not always a good solution. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to do her job from the stroller but I decided to give it a try. It has worked out beautifully. She lays down in the stroller facing me looking out the mesh in the back and is able to give me her full attention. This is working out so well that I’m going to be recommending this to some people in my support group. As to the stroller it’s self, it is very easy to maneuver. I can guide it with one hand. It took a little bit of trying to figure out how to collapse it but now that I figured it out I can open it and collapse it with one hand and it is light enough for me to easily lift it into the back of my car. Despite it being light it also seems to be quite sturdy.

Martha Hill Schoener
Great cat stroller

Our cat, Axel, loves his new buggy! This was a replacement for a very old one which had a broken zipper. He jumped right in. The best thing about this is NO zippers! The clasp in front works great, and is far easier to maneuver with a cat. He has lots of viewing space as well for his ride. Also, I leave it in the hall at our front door, and every afternoon, he jumps in it for his afternoon nap - so for him, this is a safe place to be and it is HIS space.I will also say that having one of these, and training your cat to enjoy it, is a huge safety technique as well. Twice, in other living quarters, we have had smoke alarms go off in the middle of the night. It was so easy to get the cats (we had 2 then) into their strollers, get them down the stairs and outside to safety. Cat carriers are much harder, and there is no time for a harness and leash, unless they wear them all the time, which ours do not. So the stroller was a great way to keep the kitties safe. Just a thought. Love this green color as well!

A good choice!

I looked at many different kinds of pet strollers before deciding on this one. What won me over to this particular one was that it had an unobstructed panoramic view at eye-level for the animal (almost all others had an opaque strip of fabric around the eye-level area. Other than that, everything pieces together very easily And the snaplock (Which I had my initial doubts about) closes securely. I would make this purchase all over again, and highly recommend it to others looking for the same.