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Pet Carrier Backpack - 13lbs - Black & White

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    • Excellent Ventilation: There are 9 large ventilation holes on both sides and front. The left and right ventilation nets ensure fresh air for your pet. The back expandable anti-scratching net provides maximum breathability so your pet will enjoy the outdoor time with you.
    • Functional: This pet carrier is super functional and well made. Made with high-quality pet-safe materials, it is easy to clean and lightweight. The pocket on the other side is nice to fill in pet snacks.
    • Dimensions: Front Part: 12.5" L x 11" W x 16.5" H. Expandable Back Panel: 16.5" L x 16.5" H x 21" H. Suggested Weight: 0-13lbs for small to medium pets.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Deja Meja
    I love!! But my cat doesn’t HAHA

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I finally decided to buy a cat backpack! I plan to take it to future vet appointments and possibly to travel in the near future since it’s airline approved! I didn’t even notice the fan was a free gift! I was super happy to find a cute rechargeable fan! Such a great idea considering if it’s hot outside for your fur babies. My cat is also 12-15lbs, big boy & he fits decent! Better than other backpacks I’ve tried! Deff worth the laughs and giggles too!

    Comfortable and easy to use

    My cat seems to tolerate this a lot better than the carrier likely because of the increased visibility. It is easy to set up and the expansion section seems to give her a feeling of being hidden while still being able to see around. She will walk into the backpack on her own through the small side door with the encouragement of a treat or toy inside.Note it is difficult to open the expansion from the inside with a cat in it, so beware if your cat tends to attack if they are stressed. Luckily, mine does not so its just an extra step. There is a harness clip inside so I don't have to worry about her slipping out while opening the expansion.

    S. Cantrell
    Wonderful pet carrier...

    I got this carrier for my 2 year old cat. She loves to go outside in the carrier, and plays in it in the house. My cat fits well and seems comfortable inside. (If it gets hot, add a lunchbox ice pack under the floor pad). The carrier is not very heavy, has comfortable shoulder straps and an extra support clip in the front that keeps it extra secure. The inside hook strap on the bottom connects securely to my cats harness. She can move about the carrier, but can't escape if it were to be accidentally opened. I looked at other carriers and this was by far the best choice!!!

    Sahsha and Karran Deochand
    My cat’s new favorite thing!!! So glad I bought this one.

    I spent some time looking at all the options for backpack carriers here wanting to make the absolute best purchase for my kitty. I’m so so soooooo happy to have gone with this one because she absolutely loves it! I was surprised at how quickly she climbed in once I opened it out the box. I didn’t have to entice her with catnip like I thought I would have, she was just immediately drawn to it.We tested it by walking around the house and she seemed very chill and comfortable. She loves window views which is why we were inclined to get her this type of carrier and we love that it opens up for more space. She’s currently playing by launching herself into the bag which I’ve now placed some catnip and her teddy to make it comfy.Again, super happy with this purchase and I encourage anyone else doing what I was doing looking around for the best to get this one, it’s the best!

    Christine Kam
    Great bag

    Great bag for taking my 7 pound dog around when I'm on a longer walk. She is very senior, so I'll walk her for a bit, and then continue on my walk and she can go in the bag (she doesn't mind it at all) while I continue my walk. I also have a sling style carrier, and this is MUCH more comfortable than the sling one, especially for long walks. I've also worn this for biking rides, and works well on that as well. I get stopped super often because people think it's so cute.