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Pet Car Seat - Large - Realtree Edge

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    • DOG SEAT WITH A VIEW: Pet car seat elevates pet for a better view, and the firm foam bolster around the edge keeps them in a safe and controlled spot for a distraction-free drive.
    • SAFETY FIRST: Compatible with any car seat belt to buckle in place with the seat belt hidden under the removable booster cushion and comes with two adjustable security tethers attached to the dog harness.
    • QUICK INSTALLATION: Quick to install and uninstall and the front dips down so your pet can easily climb in and out before buckling up.
    • EASY CLEAN-UP: Removable, washable, plush quilted fleece cover ensures pet comfort and easy maintenance.
    • SIZING: The contoured back is designed to fit snugly in the front or back seat of any size car.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    This is an awesome booster seat! Safe and comfy!

    I have a booster seat that goes over the headrest and in the back seat of our Jeep for our 11 month old Jack Russell puppy. It works great, keeps her safe and allows her to look out the window. I wanted to buy a second seat for our other car so I did all the research, read all the reviews and finally settled on this K & H Manufacturing booster seat and I am so glad I did! Our puppy is 11 months old and about 14 lbs and is pretty much full grown. I picked the small size and it has worked out well. She is also able to sit in the front seat without setting off the airbag, which is a huge plus, as I would rather have her close if my husband is not riding with her. I liked the idea of a booster sitting directly on the seat as opposed to hanging over the headrest. It just seems safer and better supported. I had taken her in my car a couple times and could tell she was a little nervous as she has always ridden in a car seat. This is very easy to install. You just slide the car seat belt in to the slot at the bottom of the seat and buckle it in like normal. The booster completely fills the car seat. It is very soft with a lot of cushion. There are 2 attachments to hook on to your dogs harness or collar or leash. I guess one is for a second dog but if you don't have a 2nd dog you can just tuck it under the cushion, which is very lush and soft and cushioned. I knew my pup loved it because about a minute after I put her in it, she layed down and went to sleep. I want my dog to be safe (1), feel safe and be comfortable. This meets all 2 needs. It looks nice too, if that is on your list. After I posted a picture of it on Facebook, a friend commented that she had been looking at the same one for a while and so she immediately ordered one after she saw how happy I was with mine. Big dogs can obviously brace themselves against turns and stops, etc, but small dogs cannot. This keeps them stable and safe. I hook mine to the back clip on her harness because I feel like that is the most safe but there are a lot of ways you can clip them in. The added bonus is that your smaller dog can now see out the window, which also makes them feel safer, protects against car sickness, etc. I am VERY happy with this booster seat - it meets my safety criteria but my dog's comfort. I have attached pictures. You can see that she has plenty of room to sit and turn and lay down. There is definitely room for a bigger dog than 14 lbs in there and if you read other reviews and look at the pictures and read the weight recommendations, you should be able to get a good idea of what size your dog needs. The pictures helped me a lot. Again, my puppy is 14 lbs and has plenty of room in the small. I believe manufacturer guidelines say a small is suitable for dogs up to 25 lbs if I am not mistaken. Great, great purchase. I am so happy with this.

    Best car seat ever! (& I've tried many!)

    I've been using dog car seats for 8 years, and this is by far the best I've found! Comfortable, supportive, EASILY anchors into vehicle with seatbelt, two tethers to connect two dogs in both the small and large sizes to keep them in their seats. Pictures with one dog are of the small size. Pictures with two dogs are of the large size. Dogs are Cairn Terriers to compare to the size of other dogs. The large Cairn is just over 15 pounds. The small one is about 11.5-12 pounds and 7 months old. They LOVE this seat! I can't say enough good about it. Happy to finally find a car seat that seems to be comfortable, safe, and that will stand the test of time, unlike the other three types I've had over the last 8 years!As a side note, my puppy had car sickness when driving around with her without a car seat to put her in when I flew to another state to pick her up. It seems having her up higher in a car seat (rather than just in a kennel on a seat), so she can orientate to the horizon (much like with sea sickness in a boat), results in her no longer experiencing car sickness!!! Added bonus! Her breeder also told me the more I took her for car rides the sooner she would get used to it and stop being sick. So some fruit for thought for those struggling with their dog having car sickness. �

    Perfection in An Emergency

    I am in LOVE.We are in the middle of a family emergency.My adult son and my fabulousdaughter-in-law both got super wonderfuljob opportunities to start a new life in themiddle of this Pandemic.SEVERAL STATES AWAY. Yeah.They made a plan.They sold their modest home. Great!They have dogs.They are trying to buy a house,but none has been available yet in theirprice range, so they are renting.We encouraged them to take the twovery senior big dogs with them,because RENTING ANIMAL LIMITS...We kept the two much younger smalldogs for when they can get a house.They are loved- but things happen.One morning one of these precious babiesstopped using their back legs. Crisis.Emergency vet visit, transfer to outstandingSurgeon who did very expensive but musthave surgery to prevent spinal cord/ damaged disc wheeled cart dismal future.Only time will tell.Healing baby wants human Mom and Dad,who got sympathetic permission to bringthe two little ones up to their rental. ��As soon as Furbaby is well enough,Grandparents will do a two day ROADTRIP.How to best do this?Enter these MARVELOUS K & H BucketBooster Seats.The large is 24” wide- long enough forFurbaby to stretch out.Most pet car seats have a metal frame.Can’t have a metal frame near that spine.Some other pet car seats are soft, no protection. Furbaby has to be kept as safeas possible with limited traffic brakebouncing. Too long a trip to just holdFurbaby in a human lap.These pet car seats are made out of asuper dense, “TV shipping packing material”level foam.They are then covered in a very well madeand sewn, zippered for washing,soft furry cover.I know quality. I used to sew back in the day.These are QUALITY.Quality is pricey. We’re seniors on a budget,and these are really not cheap.But, they are perfect for transportingPrecious Furbaby.To attach the seat into the car, just run thecar’s seatbelt through the slot in thebottom on one side.Then slide the seatbelt across and UNDERThe sewn in center strap.Reach the other side and exit through thenotch.Then, just buckle in as usual. Super secure.There’s a two inch washable zippered furcushion to set back in on top of theseat belt so Furbaby is super comfy.Heaven in a Jeep chariot.You may not have the need we have.You may not be in crisis like we are.You may not have Furbabies that have to go on such a long trip.You may not be able to scrape up the money for something this expensive.But, if you do- you can’t do better thanthis.We are not affiliated with this company in any way.We bought two seats for the pups with our own money, and are happy to take the time to brag on such a quality, safe product.

    Kirs Kirs
    My little maltese eventually learned to like it!

    My 7.5lb senior is restless in the car and is always moving around or trying to lean against the window. I ordered this larger one, the smaller one and a hanging one bc I wasn't sure what would work. I returned the rest because in this bigger one - although it takes up one entire back seat - he's happier bc he's able to move around, stretch, and even eat out of his bowl while in this seat. He didn't take to it right away, one of us still rides in the back seat with him to keep him from falling sometimes because like I said he does like to move and he likes to half-stand, leaning on the edge of it and he looks outside, etc. He also tends to get tangled with the tether. But it's sturdy yet comfortably padded, sits pretty high, and easy to install. But now that he's ridden in it a few times he's gotten better and sometimes curls up and sleeps right away instead of acting crazy :) It's cozy when I also line it with his little blanket.

    It works!

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My dog insisted on sitting on my lap while driving. Nothing worked. If I kept him in the back he barked and tried climbing back to front. Now he enjoys the ride on his booster seat. He looks out the window. He cudles in blankets. He is calm and happy. I am too. We are safe. One thing. I got extra buckle belt and attach it to back seat. The one that attaches to his harness from under the booster pillow gets his legs tangled. It is too short to move around but you need it short so he is safe.Thank you!