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Calming Dog Bed - 26" Base - Micro Silver

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    • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The bed cover features an attached blanket that can be used as is, or converted into a tented burrowing cave.
    • SLEEP SURFACE: The interior sleep surface and hooded blanket exterior feature lustrous long-pile micro velvet.
    • EASY ON JOINTS: The gel-infused memory foam top cradles and contours to your pet's unique figure to provide optimum orthopedic support, while also whisking heat away to keep your pet cool.
    • PRODUCT DETAILS: Silver; 26" Base 26" x 26" x 3"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Emily Bartkowicz
    Perfect storm shelter!

    My 20 lb poodle it TERRIFIED of thunderstorms and it's rainy season in here in South Florida. She is always looking for a small warm space to hunker down and ride out the storms. We usually have to wrap her up in a blanket to try to calm her shaking and heavy panting. This cuddle next is the perfect solution. Not 15 minutes after it was delivered a huge storm rolled in. She immediately crawled in and is tucked in with virtually no shaking or heavy panting. She's still scared of the storm but her anxiety seems to be less then usual. The overall quality of the bed is a bit flimsy, but it makes it easy to move around. For the price it's a fantastic value, even if it has to be replaced in a year. I highly recommend this for anyone with a dog that suffers from storm anxiety. My 20 lb. dog has plenty of space in the 26-inch bed.

    Love these beds- just watch out for zipper area

    We love this bed do much we bought the larder size since we now have 5 small dogs- Chihuaha’s. When we first received the bed the Tubing that goes in the hood was too small. I called to support number given and spoke to Tyler who was so very nice and immediately ordered and sent us the right size tubing. We received it in line 2 days� so all was well and our babies love their bed. Do we have had to bed for about 3-4 weeks and one or 2 of our dogs chewed the zipper area opened and chewed a small piece of the inner bed�so I called back today and spoke again to Tyler. He immediately ordered another cover( no charge ) since we had not had the bed for very long . He also showed me where in their website where in the future we can order another color of cover, liners, foam etc. we will definitely keep shopping with them. Very appreciative of Tyler’s support and just over all personality

    Great bed!

    My puppy loves to be covered up but can’t manage to get under a blanket without assistance. I purchased this bed for her hoping that she would burrow under. She is a Boston terrier x French Bulldog and is currently around 13 pounds. Her crate is 36 inches and this bed fits inside almost perfectly. She loves her crate and any and all beds (especially mine), and she LOVES being able to cover herself up in this bed. When I look at her on the camera she is usually burrowed under. I have washed the cover several times and have been shocked at how easy to clean it is. I did place the foam inside a garbage bag to keep it from absorbing any doggy smells, and it slips inside the cover easily.

    Julie - Inkling
    My pupper loves it, and that's really all I care about.

    My pup is a burrower - she insists on sleeping on soft surfaces under even softer blankets. Even when it's 100 degrees out, she wants to burrow. Before getting this bed, that meant her pushing blankets all over the floor in an effort to get under them.I set the bed up without the "arch" because she would definitely want as much blanket directly against her as possible. I wasn't sure she'd figure out how to get herself into it that way, but my concerns were for nothing. The instant I set it down, she was inside, contentedly snuggled in her little nest. The only problem is now she doesn't want to spend as much time on my lap! I knew she was just using me for my softness!


    thank goodness for this budget version of the snoozer bed. my dog HAS to be under a blanket to sleep, but she never learned how to get under a blanket on her own. Even when she tried her best she only get her head under. (she's a little slow mentally) This would result in her whining at our door in the middle of the night because she need to be covered up again. (she sleeps in the living room).This bed was difficult for her at first, but we took it slow and i helped her by putting treats inside to encourage her to stick her head in deep. Now she is able to get under the blanket part of the bed all on her own which was the goal. It's easier than a loose blanket because the bed holds the "blanket" in place while she struggles to get under.Also I took out the plastic tube pretty soon, that was easy enough to do, and helped the blanket to cover her more .