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Pet Bed - 19" x Washed Blue

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    • VERSATILE PET TENT: Measuring 19"L x 19"W x 19"H, this pet bed is suitable for cats, small dogs and holds up to 20lbs.
    • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of high-density foam and 100% microfiber outer material, this tent bed gives pets a cozy place to snuggle. The soft cushion (microfiber fill) is placed inside of the bed and can be removed for easy maintenance or be used separately anywhere.
    • SMART BED DESIGN: With a triangular entrance and cave-like design, this 2-in-1 enclosed pet bed functions as a soft cat/dog house, and the top folds down to provide a bed for your beloved kitty or puppy. The Igloo-like structure turns this bed into the perfect hideaway and a quiet, private place to sleep and the leather handle on top makes it easy to move when needed.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Machine wash the inner cushion separately in cold water only. Delicate Cycle. Do not bleach. Reshape as needed. Do not machine wash or dry the foam bed. Air-dry the cushion.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Kris Vee
    She loves it!

    Baby finds her new bed cozy, warm, and secure. She sleeps in it, we'll all day, just like cats like to do! I've washed the pillow once and it seemed to fluff up to twice it size making it difficult to put into the house. I was concerned that it took up the entire house but she had to problems going in and finding a comfortable place to sleep. The house itself is not machine washable so I took a cloth to it. Then I tried to vacuum it! It was okay but the felt like materials clung onto the cat hair making it hard to get clean. Overall I award this cat house a 4.5 stars! It's good!

    Scott Alexander
    Archie Loves His Bunker - Perfect Resting Space For Kittens

    I bought this cat house for my mom's new 6-week (maybe a little younger) kitten (named Archie) who took to it after he was introduced. With kittens, you have to show them the litter box, their toys and their bed. I read some reviews before purchasing that said the bed was too small for their 10+ pound cat. That's something someone should have known beforehand from a 15x15 inch (or even 19x19 inch) bed. Archie's just a small kitten though and curls up in a back corner of the bed (it's been left in the teepee position). He was a feral kitten when he was caught (still drinking from a bottle), so my guess is the bed gives him some extra comfort and privacy when he wants it.I haven't written many reviews in all my 12+ years on and it's because most reviews for the products already tell it all and I have nothing to add. However, I will add this to help those who have worries about the pillow falling apart. It's something obvious and isn't something I haven't seen many (if any people) comment on: buy a pillowcase. I bought a small satin pillowcase that adds extra comfort for Archie in his bunker (you can see the pillowcase in the photo). It doesn't take away any of the softness of the pillow itself. If ever Archie does try to claw out his home in the future, it should also add a little protection for the pillow at least. If you have a kitten or know someone else who does, this product makes a great bed. It's small enough too that my mom puts the cat bed on top of her bed when she sleeps so Archie knows she's nearby and still has his space to rest in.

    Sandra Rhode
    Great Hideaway

    I ordered this for my neighbor's kitty that was living in the cold garage. This was an instant hit! Sweetie was in it in no time and it was very clear it was her favorite place to cuddle and stay warm. I loved the thickness of the walls. The cushion was very thick and made of warm material that is easily machine washed. I highly recommend this ... even for your inside kitties that like their own space!

    Great value for the money

    We seem to keep having cats find us to stay here. This seemed too small and the opening was too small with the pillow. No cat of the 9 would go in it. I took out the nice pillow and put in a towel they like that was in an box they rotate as a day bed. Now I have three of the cats that fuss over who gets this bed. Placed it near a floor vent and it is a warm retreat. So far each night i have had a different cat in it and then they switch out during the day. Need to get about two or three more of these to stash around the house. They now love it with the towel folded for a cushion. I would recommend one of these for any cat lover that has a cat that likes a cozy spot to sleep.

    Karen M Sonntag
    A Good Buy

    I bought two of these, the beige and the gray for my two little kittens. At first I didn’t think they liked them, then I would catch them inside them, napping. Even my papillon crawls in them to take a nap! I may have to get another one. I have the small ones, and they seem just right. However, my son’s Maine Coon needed the larger size. All in all, a good buy.