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Automatic Ball Launcher - 10-30ft Range

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  • This automatic ball launcher trains your pet's behavior and keeps your pet energetic which makes it perfect for game playing with your pet indoors and outdoors.
  • The ball launcher has 3-different shooting ranges, which help adjust shooting ranges between 10-30ft (30 ft is the max range for the new ball, once the ball gets wet and heavier, the range will get smaller. Please make sure the ball is in the correct place before launching).
  • Three standard 1.85" tennis balls are included. It is ideal for a game of fetch. The launcher works with 6- C batteries (not included), or with an AC adapter (included). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fun for pups!

This is a really nice toy for dogs who love to play fetch! We are training our boy to drop the ball into the launcher! The motor sound is not loud or scary, but it's more like a vibration sound.. and as soon as ball is launched the sound stops so it's not annoying at all! Great toy for pups that want to play all the time when you don't...lol seriously its a great tool that brings fun! Aim it down a hallway!

Todd M. Smith
Worth every penny.

This machine works perfectly. I like the 3 range settings and it's not really loud. Billy (Min Pin) has learned how to use it himself. The balls that comes with the machine are durable and a bit heavy. I use Kong Squeaker balls. They aren't as heavy and they travel further. I'm currently using it in my house. I'm using the electric power cord. I haven't tried to run it on batteries.

Captain Ronald
Excellent design!

Yes, it's mostly plastic, but it's THICK plastic, and it works just fine. It's design replicates a baseball launcher: two spinning wheels on either side of a launch tube. Drop a ball into the hopper and it will drop into the launch tube. There the spinning wheels will grab and sling it. How far? Depends on how fast the wheels spin. Out of the box, mine launched balls 12 feet in the air at the lowest (10 ft.) setting. Things to know: Only one ball can be loaded at a time, so you will have to train your dog to bring it back and drop it into the ball hopper or you will have to stay there dropping a ball in one at a time. Small price to pay to watch how much fun they have. If you want to use it outdoors, you will need 6 "C" batteries. I strongly recommend buying rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Great for toy size dogs!

I think I love it more than my chihuahua, it gives my throwing arm a break. She loves it too but thinks I have to be standing next to it for it to launch. We're working on it. It whirs and she wasn't sure what to make of it at first. After about a week, she's beginning to put the ball in it. Only bad thing is: she loves to test things with her nose, so she moves the trajectory. Other than that, I love this product so far. You can use any two inch balls. The lighter the ball, the further it flies. It hasn't damaged anything so far, not even my cat's face. Plug it in and go.

Lisa R. Coggins
My doxie loves this toy

Battery killer, but works OK when plugged in. We play in the house on low setting and it's fine. Working on training dog to drop the ball in. The ball shoots upward at a slight angle so only one head boop so far. One minor snoot injury that got me in trouble; my doxie refused to talk to me for a bit, but not bad enough to be afraid to play again the next day. Happy with purchase.