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Pet Camera - 33ft Night Vision - Black

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  • 1080P PAN, TILT, ZOOM WI-FI CAMERA:  Live streaming 1080p @30fps video and 2-way audio. Remotely pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) from the app or set it to auto-track and detect humans in AI mode. 
  • PET MONITOR SOUND ALARM MODE, SHARING & ALEXA - Turn your camera into an adjustable VOX audio monitor to listen, view, and be notified based on adjustable sound thresholds (such as baby crying, or a dog barking decibel levels). You can enable this mode directly from the live-view screen of the app. Works perfectly as a pet/dog camera and can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to the live video and recordings. Works with Alexa.
  • SEE IN THE DARK - Equipped with night vision capability up to 33-feet in absolute darkness. This 2.4ghz indoor Wi-Fi camera does not support 5ghz. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steven De Young
Great for keeping an eye on your home while you're away

I got this to keep track of my pets while I'm at work as well as watching for deliveries and any possible package thieves. I've got it set up on near my front door where packages are usually delivered and the motion sensor is great! I get notifications right away whenever the delivery guys get close to my door! I can also log in via their app and manually use the camera to scan the area inside to make sure my pets aren't actively destroying the home. I've used the speaker on it to yell at them and it actually got my cat to run off the counter in confusion so honestly that alone made the purchase worth it to me. I used it this Halloween as well to watch my front door for any trick-or-treaters that decided to brave the wind and C-19 to get some candy! It was great being able to see the costumes without having to risk exposure and it made for a great spook to say something as they grabbed a treat, many of the parents got a laugh out of it as well! I had the black camera so it was harder for them to notice (especially after I put a small piece of electrical tape over the tiny led)! I haven't utilized the online storage aspect of this product so I can't attest to its abilities but I do have a memory card installed in it and that combined with the automatic recording based on motion works great for my purposes. It took me a minute to find the slot for the card but I just needed to read the small direction pamphlet and it became obvious (use the app and make the camera look all the way up to expose the card slot).

Really good camera for the price

I’ll start with the good things:1- The camera moves! It can move up, down, left, right. That is really good as I have owned cameras that cannot be remotely adjusted.2- The video is good quality. I am able to see a good amount of detail through the camera. I recently tested it at night and it was still good.3- It seems like the camera can be mounted on a surface by attaching something to the base. This is good if I’m using it on a ceiling which could be the best way to use it.Things to fix:1- I want to attach my camera somewhere but I don’t know how to. I don’t think there are clear instructions on this subject.2- The camera cannot look down far enough. It seems like the camera was designed to be used attached to the ceiling, but if put standing on a high surface, it can only go down so much. I would like it to be able to see a little bit lower that it can currently do. This means a bigger opening which I think would make it a better standing camera and not just a great hanging off of the ceiling camera.3- I wish the cable was somewhat longer. Since I’m thinking about using this camera attached to the ceiling, a longer cable would be ideal.

chris Harrison
Great ptz camera. highly recommend.

So i have a lot of experience with security cameras and i have to say this is one of my favorite for ease of use, speed, and price.I have an arlo camera set which doesn't compare although it is the 1st generation arlo. I have tested other arlo and would still prefer this. The reason is speed to see the camera. I pull up the app and it takes at most 2 seconds. usually less. The arlo takes much longer period.The image quality also is good. One thing that is a complaint. i dont see where i can set it up to only stream hd quality so you have to switch it every time you load live view. But i guess this is to speed up the viewing.Another small complaint is if you use sd card for storage and the storage space is full. The alerts will show from past days and act like you can view it but you cant. Overall not a huge issue.The other thing i want to talk about for those who will use an sd card. 16 gb will cover roughly 1 1/2 day of constant recording from what i can tell. You can set it up to record only motion also which will give you much more time. And will cause less issues for the alerts. But i prefer constant recording for more time for me to view stuff.

Double Shot Dopio
WAIT !!! Things are good now....!

I did an incredible amount of research, for needs that were fairly simple. Being able to sit at my computer, or have my cell phone, and be able to simply watch what was going on in another room via a live feed. So many cameras made this so challenging. I own some Nest products, and really hoped their cameras could work. But the fees they demanded for something which should be 'free' made me look elsewhere. The 'cheaper' cameras appear to all be 'hack-able', which is very disturbing. I don't want my camera to unexpectedly be looking back at me, or at my child. And, there were some that simply just did not do this.I read & read & read about Amcrest, and grew ever more hopeful, and purchased the 'baby monitor'. As my original review stated, it worked GREAT right out of the box. But then, a couple of days later, and it stopped. Amcrest Support via really made an effort to contact me. But my time is busy. So I simply un-plugged the monitor I'd purchased and set it aside.A month later I re-considered, and set it up again. It works PERFECT. In fact, it is, as I'd hoped, a great machine. It's visual feed is exceedingly clear. It re-boots the video image whenever I request it. The video feed is always very clear. When the internet is interrupted the monitor immediately goes back online all by itself without any problems. This Amcrest baby monitor is a perfect camera, for my needs.Why did I have problems earlier? I think it's because I tried to set up their app on two separate cell phones, and this possibly confused the feed. Maybe that was the problem. But using a single cell phone is completely problem-free.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.....my original review:Set-up took longer than "5 minutes", but finally got everything synced. By "day 2" nothing worked. No picture on my cell phone. Cell phone didn't even recognize it was in the house. The camera kept repeating, with its 'robot voice', it was connected to the internet, but my smart phones couldn't find it. The app remembered my 'time zone' the first day, by 'day 2' it forgot it, and I cannot get their app to save it no matter how many times I push the save button. There are just simply too many bugs in this device. What's the point? When something is promised to be easy set up and is guaranteed to work, shouldn't it? Especially when one's security and safety of one's family and home is at stake.

Ryan Alcott
Great Camera!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I got this about a week ago to see if I could figure out what kind of animal keeps getting in to my garage. I was pretty sure where, so I aimed the camera and the next day I had my answer. Squirrels! (see included video) Now I need to patch that hole and then use the camera to make sure they're all out before I close up the access to the attic they were getting in to (I don't want them to die and stink up there). The motion detection and is great and you can also change the sensitivity, which is nice. The night vision is also really good in my opinion. While I don't have a child, the baby monitor feature is a nice touch. I'd like to buy a few more to place around the house!