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Pet Swimming Pool - 47.2" - Pink

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  • LARGE SIZE: 47.2" diameter and 11.8" deep.
  • SLIP RESISTANT & DURABLE: Made of extra-tough PVC and thicker slip-resistant material on the bottom.
  • PORTABLE & SIMPLE: The convenient fold-down design makes it simple to pack and store while not in use. A built-in drainage hole makes draining the water fast and refreshes the water.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: It is used as a dog pool, outdoor water pond, fish pond, baby bathtub, kiddie pool, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Overall good buy

I like that the pool is easy to set up and fold. No inflating, etc.I don't like that the hole to empty out the water is too high to get most of the water out. You have to lift one side up and it's still pretty heavy.Overall, enjoyed using it with my 1.5 year old.

Allie Huckle
Awesome pool for a great price

It comes in an awesome little tote that makes it easy to transport. It is a lot bigger than what I expected. We got a golden retriever puppy and have 3 kids. Our youngest we don’t feel comfortable going in our “big” pool yet so this will be perfect for her to use as well. There is plenty of space for all 3 kids and the puppy. We got the Biggest size (XXL I think). We also have a campsite so this will be much easier to transport back and forth than those plastic pools.

Resilient and fun

I didn’t actually buy this for my water hating dog. I bought it for my rowdy young kids! I wanted something that wouldn’t easily crack or get a hole in. So far this is great! They love it. It holds up well and empties pretty easily through the spout. We have a little plastic “baby” slide that they love to slide down into the water. It has caused no issues. I haven’t folded it up really since we keep using it, but I don’t think it would be difficult based on how it came folded in the package.

Makes a Great Ball Pit

Originally we bought this for a kiddy pool but our kid didn't like hanging out in the water. He figured it out at the neighborhood pool but now it is too cold to use this for swimming. We do, however, use it as a ball pit, which is awesome. The sides are low enough that our toddler can get in and out by himself with only minimally falling on his face but the ppl is also sturdy enough that it isn't damaged when he does get in and out. It folds up into its carrying case pretty easily, it takes some practice but what doesn't? Note: the spout part for emptying water should be folded on the long end, not the accordion part of the fold. Also, since the pool is a little flexible, it is easy to pour the balls (we got 800 to fill our medium pool) into their boxes for easy, quick cleanup.

Great for infants and toddlers

Always stay with your infant or child whenthey are in the pool. To avoid drowning....Having said that...great fun little poolfor tiny kids...Could be used to wash a dog or catbut claws could tear vinyl.....howeverthis has strong vinyl so probably notgonna tear. Set it on a couple towelsif placing it on concrete so as to notscratch the bottom. On grass makesure no thorns are in the grass...ofcourse would have to be big thornsto poke a hole in this.Overall 5 stars....because 1 it is amuch better product than thosesuper thin plastic pools that tearand end up in landfills.... and 2it folds up so nicely...easy storage.Good invention....drain plug iswell made hard plastic....Also good for a hazmat tub towash off boots with radioactiveor chemical contamination....Good for stomping grapes too. :)And could be a place for baby chicksif you put in wood shavings...butyou would need a couple wood polesto keep it spread apart...4 better.Can I envision any other use...YES....temporary water trough forhorses....