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Pet Swimming Pool - 63" - Blue

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  • SIZE: XXL 63" diameter and 12" deep.
  • SLIP RESISTANT & DURABLE: Made of extra-tough PVC and thicker slip-resistant material on the bottom
  • PORTABLE & SIMPLE: The convenient fold-down design makes it simple to pack and store while not in use. A built-in drainage hole makes draining the water fast and refreshes the water
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: It is used as a dog pool, outdoor water pond, fish pond, baby bathtub, kiddie pool, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Matthew Honan
Became flimsy and plastic flaked off.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. **Update**Within a few days of posting my review Jasonwell contacted me directly, said that they stand behind their product, and offered to replace the pool. Once I confirmed my shipping address they shipped it right away and I just received the replacement today, about 2 days after the email exchange. We've had a handful of bad experiences with purchases and this is the very first company to (1) not filter a bad review, (2) contact me directly and immediately and (3) replace it at no charge and thereafter shopping a replacement immediately and without hesitation. This is practically unheard of in regards to anything purchased on /the web. Thank you so much for the above and beyond customer service and the replacement pool for our now extremely happy husky on this hot day.Ultimately not worth it. My dog was not a rough player, just liked it to cool off. We always cleaned and dried it best we could after every use (both of which was extremely difficult, but I lived with it), and then stored it in a garage cabinet. It became flimsy, not from play, but from basic handling for maintenance (cleaning and folding). Ultimately it flaked, exposing the cardboard wall and was rendered useless. I hate wasting and spending money on things I expect and take care to make last for years, at minimum. Not worth it and sorely disappointed by the waste of money. Also really bummed about my husky being out of a pool and it's a hot summer here in San Diego, in quarantine, and nothing water related and worth the money is available now.

Lynda T Kuhn
well made

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I really like this pool. The large is smaller then I expected but I have a 100 lb lab mix and its big enough for him to get in and play with his ball. He has not attempted to lay down but could if he wanted to. He loves jumping in and out. I have not rated the folding because we have not attempted to fold it. It is easy to empty with the drain. If you want a pool your dog can swim in this is probably not the size to get. I have two labs, one that loves the water and one that is a little timid. Both have gotten in the pool. We have had if for several weeks now and it is holding up nicely.

Patricia E. LaPointe
Nice, easy backyard lounge pool

I bought this (the largest size) for my son and I to sit in in our backyard since pools are a no go due to COVID for us. I was not about to pay over $100 for a blow up pool that used to be $40 tops before the pandemic (especially since they always pop, and are hard to dry out). This isn’t too heavy, and I managed to set it up very easily. It is big enough for me (a tall, plus sized woman) and my 7 year old to fit in and have some room for his toys. I put our dog in it (a German Shepard mix ) but she doesn’t like water much. If she did she would fit just fine and then some. Draining the pool has been easy and drying it was pretty simple-I just recommend using some microfiber towels to help speed it up. I left it draped overnight in our garage and then folded it back up. I’ve found using a reusable tote bag has been easiest to keep it in storage (as it’s not going to fit back into the cardboard box it came in just like most swim products you buy).

Stefanie Bagley
Perfect for my ducks!

Bought this pool for my two ducks! I needed something easy to drain because my ducks are kept in a mobile pen (similar to a chicken tractor). So draining, moving, cleaning, and refilling a plastic kiddie pool was tedious and they always crack eventually. This particular pool has a large enough drain on the side that the water drains fairly fast, it folds and is able to be moved quickly. Which comes in handy when trying to move a mobile duck pen. The walls are about 12” high so it’s low enough for my fat bodied ducks to get in and out but deep enough so they can do their normal duck flips and dives. Definitely worth the money. The money I spent on this saved me some sanity. Lol so thanks for that.

My Puppy Loves This Pool

We have a Standard Poodle puppy who loves water. The first warm day we put about an inch of water in the pool and introduced our puppy to it. She loved it! She splashed, romped, rolled around in it and could not get enough of it. After a few minutes she would get out and go roll in the grass and immediately go back to the pool,Setting this pool up is very easy. Just unfold and fill up. It's durable and I didn't even worry that our dog would put a hole in it. It's high enough so the dogs can just step on in. I don't think we'll ever fully fill the pool up as it would take too much water. The valve on the side of it was easy for draining the water out afterwards too. We got our puppy a large size and it'll be perfect when she's full grown. She is 30 pounds now and has a lot of room. We anticipate her getting 55 pounds and she'll have enough room. We'll be using this dog pool a lot in the summer as it gets hot here in VA and I know our puppy will love to cool off in it.