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Health & Location Tracker - Green

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  • REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING: Set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they have escaped or are 3,000 miles away. Receive notifications if your pet's location leaves a designated safe area. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps.
  • HEALTH, NUTRITION, & ACTIVITY TRACKING: Monitor activity levels, calories, distance, and activity, along with behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping to keep an eye on potential health problems. Get recommendations on food portions based on activity levels, breed, age, and weight. Email a 30-day report to your vet.
  • 20-DAY BATTERY, BUILT-IN NIGHT LIGHT: Use the app to choose between 3 safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash, or always on. The long-lasting battery goes up to 20-days on a single charge for your greatest adventures.
  • CHAT WITH A VET. Your Whistle subscription gives you access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone, or email right from the Whistle app. 

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased

I am so pleased with this tracker. I read tons of reviews on the available pet trackers and I was skeptical about ordering this one. They all seemed to have some issue.....but I have been very pleased with the Whistle. It does a great job of keeping up with my busy girl. Once I got it set up on mine and my husband’s phones, it has worked 95% of the time. There have been a couple of times it couldn’t locate her but after a couple of refreshes, it found her. One day, she managed to get her collar off and my husband was able to walk right to the tracker in the middle of a field. The battery life has also been a pleasant surprise because based on the reviews, i didn’t expect it to last long. But that hasn’t been the case. So far, we are charging about every 7 days-which is very manageable to me. She spends about 30% of her time at home on our WiFi network and the other 70% she goes with my husband to work so her collar is not in power saving mode. Considering that, I think 7 days is an acceptable battery life. Not sure if it will work this week for everybody, but it has been a great purchase for our family! Hope this helps!

Amazing product and amazing customer service

This is a truly great product. My main reason for buying it is that I have a dog who is a wonderful escape artist. She is also way too fast for me to catch when she gets out the door. This device gives me a lot of peace of mind. The battery life is incredible and easily lasts us a full month. The battery life drops when we go on long hikes or to places without WiFi, but still has a longer lasting battery than any other device I own. I also love that I can track my dog’s activity levels with the Whistle, which makes it easier for me to know if we should try to get another fetch session in during the evening. I have had a couple of issues that Whistle customer support resolved quickly and easily. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better help. The only downfall of the product is that on occasion the accuracy of location is not great, but this is very rare and has not caused me problems in the 6 or so months I have had it.

This is the one you need to purchase: it works!!

UPDATE:WOW! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and THE DEVICE WORKS!!I received a call from a higher up about the difficulties I had with the Whistle Go Explore: she had seen my review, done some research, and had an answer to the issue (I will leave my original review so you will understand what I am referring to and if for some reason you have the same, you know why and how to fix it).The WiFi name at our home and one of them at our business are the same (who knew). When my husband took the device with him on the test run and it got within range of the business WiFi, the device saw the name and thought it was “home”, so it showed at “ home”. Crazy, huh! And when he left and the device was out of the WiFi range it did track again.So, all that said to tell you this device works!!If you have a strange thing happen, it could just be someone has a similar/the same WiFi name!Absolutely purchase this if you are concerned about knowing your pets location: it does work!After my dog went missing for almost 60 hours I set out to find a way to track him in the event he leaves again: I did a lot of research and based on the features, easy use app, and reviews, I purchased the Whistle Go Explore. I read all the literature and set-up was fast and easy. I put the device on my dog and it worked good while in his “safe” place and on WiFi, but once I tested the device and moved it outside “safe” it would not connect through cellular. I tried several times, contacted customer experience and after considerable effort on their part it was determined the device was defective.I repackaged it and sent it with my husband to return. When he left our home, the device connected and sent me a notification that my dog had left his safe area: I was excited! I thought the device just needed time to connect! I stopped tracking and told my husband to not send it back. When he left work to return home the device again notified me it was on the move; great! It was going to work!My husband kept the device in his vehicle when he returned to work (I wanted to be sure it was working correctly) and all the notices and tracking were spot on, he got to work (12 miles away) and parked. After about one minute the device kicked back and said my dog was at home and showed him Home on the app. I again called customer experience and described the new issue and was told it was a device issue and to go ahead and return it.After all this the battery still showed 12 days of use remaining, hence my 5 star battery life rating.I had already ordered a second replacement device so I got it charged, and set-up without issue. Again, I sent the device with my husband to verify the device working properly. Same song, second verse. Tracked fine all the way there, but after 30 seconds it kicked back to Home.If this is a device issue, I got two that were faulty.I am beyond disappointed. Back to the research.

Christine Spaulding
Works well, as advertised!

Tracks the dog (husky) if he leaves the yard. As soon as he is out of WIFI range I get an alert on my phone. If we go for a walk the app knows we are both together and tells me "enjoy your trip with your dog". It tracks his fitness, scratching, licking and alerts you to give heartworm or other meds. It is a good device and a good app. The GPS is fairly accurate, I would say withint 20-50 feet or so. It is very good if your dog likes to escape and run around the neighborhood which mine does once in a while. He always comes back but this makes it much less stressful since I can just go get him easily. The battery last for weeks, no issues with that, and it tells you when it drops below 20% so you can recharge it. Before a bad storm- the app warned me to charge his collar in case the power went out... I mean what more can you ask for from a product, really outstanding.

Great Customer Support!

I bought the Whistle Go Explore two weeks ago for my little pound puppy who had been a stray and had a taste for running out any possible exit. I am a responsible pet owner and always keep him on leash when he's outside, but occasionally accidents happen and he has escaped. I live in a wooded area with lots of other critters around, and my little 12 lb dog can be an easy snack for the coyotes, bobcats and the wolf/dog that lives nextdoor. This scares me to death, so I needed a GPS device to help me get him back quickly for those occasional escapes. At first I purchased the Whistle Go, but returned it for the Whistle Go Explore because the Whistle Go did not have a light on it. (That was my mistake for not researching both products better.) The light will be of great help if he escapes at night. You can turn it on or off only through the app on your phone.Although I have not had to use the Whistle Go Explore officially for an escape, I have tested it out - as you can see from my photo attached. In the photo you can see the activity tracker map of our walk we took the other day. When we left the house the device notified me, through the Whistle app I had downloaded on my phone, that my dog had left our safe place (my home). Pretending that my dog had escaped, I opened the app and had the device track my dog on our walk. Here is the confusing part. While the activity map will show you where your dog has been, it is not nearly as precise as when you use the TRACK button. Only when you press the TRACK button on the app does it pinpoint the dog more often and seems to be very precise. It's even gives you updates as to the address your dog is closest to. You can see in my attached photo where on my walk I twice had the app track my dog - notated by the many dots close together. You can also see where I had turned the tracking system off, as it showes his activity not as precisely and with fewer dots along our path shown by a simple straight yellow line.Battery life depends on how much the device is used. If you turn on the light, track your dog often, the battery life is shorter. I like to keep the battery strength high, so I charge it at night every 5 days or so. Battery strength level is always shown at the top of the page when the app is open.The app itself is very user friendly and very easy to use. The device also tracks your dog's health and can create goals for activity levels. I really could care less about that. I just want to be able to find my dog when he escapes as soon as possible, and it seems it does exactly that!I had a couple questions and called customer support a couple of times. They are all extremely knowledgeable and we're able to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. They also emailed me helpful instructions on how to change from the Whistle Go over to the Whistle Go explore on the app. Very helpful and knowledgeable folks.A couple of only negative things are that I pay almost $8 a month for the GPS service and device is somewhat bulky on a small pup. To me it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.