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Dog Car Seat - Gray

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    • Dog Car Seat: This seat can be installed in the car's front seat or rear seats based on your choice. There are storage bags on both sides that can hold pet daily necessities on the go.
    • Easy To Install: This booster seat has an adjustable buckle design, it can be quickly installed on most standard car seats making it suitable for a variety of car types.
    • Material: Made of Oxford cloth to keep your pets warm and comfortable. It is also resistant to wear and tear.
    • Size & Maintenance: This seat measures 21.7" x 19.7" x 11.8 inches. It is easy to be disassembled and cleaned. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    The Best Car Seat Haribo Has Used!

    My dog is the cutest! Seriously though, he should model these carseats � anyway, I absolutely love this car seat, and Haribo does too! I had one before this one, actually two, but they were both too small for my chubby guy! And I didn’t want the ones I kept seeing everywhere that were like as tall as the window so your precious pup can see out the window. My dog couldn’t care less about what’s outside the window - he just wants to sleep! This is exactly what he needed. It has a clip for his harness, it has a strap to go around the seat, and one to go over the headrest. And it is SO soft and comfy. Don’t sleep on this carseat, seriously I never realized how convenient and necessary they are! Before we used a carseat, our dogs would slide all over the car and drool everywhere, panting, couldn’t get comfortable. It was distracting. Now he gets in his seat and goes to sleep! This is the one, I hope to have it for a long time �

    Helen Carr
    My puppy loves it

    I bought this for my 6 month old yorkie pup, he's very good in the car but I didn't really feel he was safe just sitting on the seat even though he's clipped in with his halter, plus it just didn't look comfortable for him. It took just a couple of minutes to install this seat & he loves it. When I put him in he just looks so happy & I can still clip him in by his halter & the clip in the seat. It's soft & comfy & I'm very pleased with this purchase.

    Kathryn Levesque
    Best of Both Worlds!!!

    So I purchased for my westie, Freya. We both agree this bed is "AMAZING" and worth every penny! So sure, you could spend less and get a little box to hold your pet, but wouldn't you rather have a bed with all the benefits? Freya sits in this and she's totally relaxed. It's like home away from home. She gets the luxury of a bed and I get the fantastic features of a safety seat. The straps are thick and easy to connect with a large snap clasp. Her harness connects to the smaller safety strap located inside the bed. She can get up and move, but she can't come out of the bed area. Makes car trips relaxing for both of us! Win, win here folks and shipping was super fast! :)

    Love this product...

    I have three french bulldogs and we went on a 3 hour road trip. I felt they were secure and safe, would recommend.

    Casey L
    Puppy LOVES it!

    My puppy loves this car seat/bed so much, he doesn't want to get out of the car after we go for a ride! He's a 22.5 lb Mini Australian Labradoodle. I didn't have any of the issues that others had. It fluffed up as soon as I took it out of the shrink wrap, the stuffing pieces fit in perfectly and it was super easy to install in the car. I'm not sure why someone felt they needed a guide on where the cushions should go, I thought it was pretty obvious. I previously used a flat bed in the front seat of the car, but he kept laying his head on the console and hitting the controls so I was hoping for something that would prevent him from doing that. He still lays his head on the console a bit, but I think it's just to gaze adoringly at me in gratitude for this new bed....LOL