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Cat Climber Set - Light Wood

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    • MATERIAL: This high-quality and durable climber set is made of solid Pinewood, while the scratching post is made from Natural Sisal.
    • LUXURY SET: This set includes a cat house x 2 + cat shelves x 4 + cat ladder x 2 + scratcher post x 1.
    • SAFE & SAVE SPACE: This set is the perfect solution for homes and apartments with limited floor space. These wall-mounted structures will not obstruct the flow of your living space.
    • SIZE: Each house measures 15.6"L x 11.8"W x 11.4"H. Each shelf measures 13.8"L x 9.5"W. Each fabric ladder measures 31.5"L x 9"W. The climbing post measures 15.7"L x 4" Dia.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Best multiple piece cat shelves

    I really like these shelves. I was a little hesitant bc of the cost but I'm glad I got them.They are shocking light weight but very durable. Installation took two of us the better part of 2 hours. I attached the shelves to my drywall, making sure I hit the wooden stud with at least one screw. They've held up very well even under the weight of my one enormous, fat cat. Plus, they look so much better than the cheap cats trees that I had before. In summary, it's a good buy for the price and your cat(s) will love it.Btw- the picture includes a large cat scratcher and clear bubble shelve that DIDNT come with the kit. We added those extra.

    Dee Dub
    Very Nice

    Very nice workmanship. I will be painting each piece before mounting to make the ensemble look like a true part of the room. Will use my own mounting hardware (screw in anchors when mounting to a stud is not feasible) rather than the hardware provided. I marked the product down one star only because I wish the strapping connecting the steps on the ladders could be customized. Mine are orange...will definitely be disassembling & replacing with a color that works with my decor.Update: I ended up not using the bridge pieces.

    Great quality

    We just received this product, and, so far, so good. I am very, very pleased with the quality of the shelves and the boxes. One suggestion might be to overlay the top with some kind of low-profile carpeting so that the cats have something to grab hold of with their claws if they need to. That's important for the cat's confidence and safety. Installation was time consuming (which should be expected and obvious anyways), but it was easy to install. The pieces can be arranged in different ways; they don't have to match the picture's arrangement. And you don't have to have studs. We used the hardware and wall anchors that came with the product to mount it anywhere on the wall we desired. I will update when my cats start using it more. They are nervous about the loose ladders, which may mean buying a couple more shelves so they can use and get to the boxes. If we were Sea World, we could train the cats to be okay with those, but I'm not really sure I can, haha. Anyways, fantastic work! This set is truly an efficient, high-quality piece of art!In the picture: The bridge from one part to another is not part of this product. We used it to attempt to keep heavy boxes from hanging over our heads while we slept. Did not quite accomplish that. However, you can see that we were able to split the different parts up in different ways quite easily. Our cats LOVE this product, and two of them have slowly but surely begun testing the ladders :).

    Great quality. Cats love it. Get your own drywall screws.

    I love, love, love this and so do my cats. We painted them to blend with the wall. I don’t recommend using their drywall screws. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself from drywall screws from the hardware store and you’re good to go. Both my cats are currently asleep in the boxes. Great place to hide from the dogs.

    Seeara Marie
    My cat loves it!!

    What an incredible product! So unique, gorgeous, and perfect for my home! My cats love it! 10/10 recommend!